HOM was founded as a spin-off of one of the largest European manufacturers of electric heaters using innovative proprietary technology

The core business is the production of a new generation of household heating appliances for bathrobes, towels and clothing, available both under contract and to private users.

HOM‘s Electric Design Radiator and Electric Towel Warmer line combines technology with the oldest and most human-friendly materials

LOW CONSUMPTION 100 watts. That’s the same as a light bulb, or 16 cents for 10 hours!

Wood, glass, terracotta or steel

Design is our soulWe use a wide variety of different materials because we believe that emotion is the best way to reach the hearts of our customers.

The ADI Ceramics Design Award 2014
 recognised not only our product’s technological innovation, but also the way in which it enhances the design of the Hom collection.