Why choose a HOM electric decorative radiator?

The first advantage in using a HOM electric decorative radiator derives from the possibility of fully exploiting the heating power of the appliance by eliminating the long times to reach the temperature of traditional water radiators.

A second advantage in using a HOM electric decorative radiator derives from taking full advantage of the electrical production of your photovoltaic system. In fact, most of the plant’s electricity production is generated during the day when the house has low energy consumption. If there are no storage batteries, this production is dispersed in the grid when it could heat the house, keeping it warm and healthy even during the day.

Why choose an HOM electric towel warmer?

The advantage of choosing an HOM Electric Towel Warmer is to keep the sponges of bathrobes and towels dry even in summer when the classic hydraulic heated towel rails cannot be used, helping to drastically reduce the formation of germs and bad smells in the bathroom or kitchen. Recent studies show that allergies or respiratory problems are accentuated where this problem is overlooked.

Hygiene and health:

HOM produces a range of products with latest-generation technology that help to significantly reduce the problem of germs and unpleasant odours without giving up the pleasure of home aesthetics.

1) Several studies have shown that many bacteria proliferate in the humidity that often remains in fabrics for hours or days after use, and that can generate unpleasant smells.
2) Cloths can become contaminated by contact with food, meat, fish or vegetables.
3) Similarly, in the bathroom, we wash our faces, bodies and perhaps even wipe the sink with the same fabric without paying much attention to the fact that bacteria may be present on the surfaces we touch – such as handles or objects that we touch frequently – which increases the risk of infection.
4) Additionally, towels can be full of dead cells and skin bacteria and, if left to dry in a damp bathroom, they can become the ideal environment for bacteria to reproduce.
5) So how can we reduce the development of germs and bacteria in our towels and cloths?
Regularly using a towel warmer to dry the fabrics used in the bathroom and kitchen and keep them dry dramatically decreases the proliferation of harmful bacteria, eliminating even the unpleasant odours caused by humidity, which are often present in these environments.