Technical specifications

The HOM products use an innovative sintered tile that incorporates an electrical resistance; a proprietary technology developed from three years of research in collaboration with the Materials Science Department of the Politecnico di Torino, which represents the most advanced technology in the field of electric heating. Class 2 insulation (intrinsically safe appliances because they are constructed with a double electrical insulation). Dielectric insulation greater than 3000 V. Water absorption <0.1% after 24 hours of immersion.

HOM is interested in surfaces … and their temperature

I prodotti HOM HOM products have been conceived and designed to transfer the maximum amount of warmth to objects through surfaces in the shortest time possible.
The images show a thermographic infra-red representation of a wet cloth placed on our SHIELD model drying out and subsequently warming.

But HOM also take care to save energy and preserve heat

HOM warm up your clothes in just a few minutes using the energy of a 100w light bulb.
The heating element’s thermal inertia and the construction techniques allow to radiate heat for tens of minutes even after switching off.