Warming reflections
CONNUBIO CRYSTAL is the first floor-standing Electric Designer Radiator with mirror surface and built-in lamp. A unique object with a sophisticated design that warms the environment by enveloping it in a soft, delicate light. Its simple installation via a connection to an electrical socket makes it extremely versatile, as it can be installed anywhere in your home.
Fire, Air and Light

Three elements, two materials, one unique design: the expression and synthesis of 3 technologies integrated into a single unit, destined to make its mark over time.

Fire: 10 ceramic disks radiate heat thanks to the HOM technology contained within them.
Air: A puff of warm air powered by two latest-generation fans that amplify the natural convective motion.
Light: The soft glow of two LED spotlights emphasises the sophisticated Design.

Available finishes:
1) Silver mirror
2) Smoked bronze mirror
Structure: Frame and base in painted steel
Connubio is available in two versions:
1000 Watt
1000 Watt with lighting

Switch: A push-button switch with a sliding function to adjust the power from 100 to 1000 watts / from 100 to 1500 watts

Model Type
Base diameter
Thermic yeld
Net weight
1000 Watt
516 mm
1740 mm
1000 Watt
220 / 240
110 / 120
45 Kg


Technical notes and certifications:
CLASSE ISOLAMENTO CL.I CL. II – GRADO DI PROTEZIONE IP 24 – NORME EN60335-1 – EN60335-2-30 – EN55014-1 – EN55014-2 – CE

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