• ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER Heat at your hands Elegance design and functionality to give shape to the first HOM heated robe hook.
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER An enameled and warm circle to be installed on the wall to keep your towels dry all year round.

    Radiators towel warmers

    The material effect of the resin to capture nuances of colour.
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER A resin rectangle for a heated towel rail, a technological and design object to be installed on the wall.
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER An almost mono-material element that enhances economic and aesthetic performance
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER A geometric design, eight lines joined together for a heated towel rack, a technological and design object to be installed on the wall.
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER The heat where before there was no, linear and technological new HOM heated towel racks.
  • 730mm for HORIZONTAL XILO
  • ELECTRIC DESIGNER RADIATOR Fire, Air and Light Three elements, two materials, a unique design; the expression and synthesis of 3 technologies integrated in a single object, destined to leave a trace over time.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS Warming reflections The first floor-standing Electric Designer Radiator with mirror surface and built-in lamp.
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER H Pad is shelf, object holder and heater.
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER An iconic object that offers for itself a wonderful impression, but once powered offers much more.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS It concentrates in a very little space a great heating capacity.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS A round-shaped radiator adaptable to any room in the home.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS Originated from monolithic tables of cedar, deprived by their bark irregular and crude, adaptable to any room in your house.
    Heated stool
    A warm seat able to heat and dry a bathrobe or a towel for maximum comfort.
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