• ELECTRIC HEATERS The warmth of wood combined with elegance, design and functionality.
  • ELECTRIC DESIGNER RADIATOR Fire, Air and Light Three elements, two materials, a unique design; the expression and synthesis of 3 technologies integrated in a single object, destined to leave a trace over time.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS Heated material An organic and archaic sign shapes two shaped disks in the most ancient and human-like material: terracotta.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS Originated from monolithic tables of cedar, deprived by their bark irregular and crude, adaptable to any room in your house.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS A unique radiator for color and geometry of the wood.
  • ELECTRIC DESIGNER RADIATOR A wooden radiator to decorate your home.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS Warming reflections The first floor-standing Electric Designer Radiator with mirror surface and built-in lamp.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS It concentrates in a very little space a great heating capacity.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS A round-shaped radiator adaptable to any room in the home.
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